Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lady BaaBaa: Singer swaps meat dress for woolly livestock as she makes Kevin the ram her latest accessory for TV interview


I hope she's not planning to make me into a dress: Kevin the ram accompanies Lady Gaga onto the Jonathan Ross Show

Having proudly worn a dress made of meat on live TV, it would seem that Lady Gaga now prefers her animals to be alive and kicking.

Which would have come of something of a relief to the owner of this bewildered ram as he became the singer's latest accessory.

Gaga was a guest on The Jonathan Ross Show and as she walked into the studio she was accompanied by a black and white ram called Kevin.

Farm girl: Gaga sat on some bales of hay for her interview with Ross, which is aired tonight on ITV

The 25-year-old pop star then took her seat on some bales of hay to chat to her host, who had turned part of his studio into a farm for the singer.

The set was in keeping with her new single You and I, which, as she explained is about a love affair with a man from Nebraska, which is a huge farming state in the US.

Treading the boards: Gaga changed into a light green slip to perform her new song You and I

'We love your outfits. We love seeing what Lady Gaga is going to wear next. The meat dress was one of my favourites. It was shocking and memorable.'

He also asked her what it was like being on tour so much, to which she replied: 'I really need to be on the road. I get really crazy when I’m not. I just love to perform.

Furry: Gaga has been in London for the last few days to promote her new single and was snapped leaving her hotel on Thursday in a hairy outfit

But as for having children herself, she told Ross: 'I’m a maternal person but I’m not feeling the urge to be pregnant.

'Some day I will, but not now. Oh my gosh, the fans would kill me. I’m just not ready. I really want to make at least ten more albums before I do something like that.'

The full interview with Lady Gaga and her performance can be seen on the Jonathan Ross Show tonight at 10pm on ITV

Lady Gaga's Hairy Outfit

source: dailymail