Thursday, October 6, 2011

How Cindy Crawford's knees tell the truth about her age


Knobbles on the cobbles: Stunning Cindy Crawford took to the streets of Russia today but the 45-year-old model's wrinkled knee skin revealed her true age

Cindy Crawford may have the figure and looks of a woman ten years younger.

But today the 45-year-old supermodel displayed signs of her true age as she put her wrinkled knees on show in a short black dress.

The curse drooping knee skins can affect all body shapes and sizes as the ageing process takes hold.

Feeling the strain: Saggy knees can affect people of all body shapes and sizes as the ageing process takes hold

Loose skin around the joint is caused from a loss of elastic fibres, collagen and muscle.

Cindy revealed her knobbles while on the cobbles of Russia today where she was escorted by an enthusiastic group while touring the GUM Department store on Moscow's Red Square.

Of course there are ways to remedy sagging skin around the caps.

Actress Demi Moore is one A-lister who reportedly took extreme measures by having a knee-lift several years ago.

Tell-tale sign: Cindy looked beautiful in her full black outfit as she posed for photographers

Moore, who has denied having had plastic surgery, set tongues wagging after making a head-turning return to the big screen back in 2003 on the Charlie's Angels sequel after a few years out of the spotlight.

However many plastic surgeons advise against the procedure. Knees are one of the hardest areas of the body to have done because there is nowhere to conceal the scarring.

Model on tour: Crawford was escorted by an enthusiastic group as she toured the GUM Department store in Moscow's Red Square

There are, though, other steps people can take to keep their knees looking more youthful, including moisturising and exfoliating, to boost skin cell revitalisation.

Keeping them well oiled is another beauty tip - so Vaseline or something like shea butter if you prefer for natural ointments.

Glowing: Cindy, 45, has the figure and looks of a woman 10 years younger

source: dailymail