Monday, October 17, 2011

'Little eyes need to avert', Phillip Schofield warns as This Morning shocks angry viewers with vibrators and elderly sex position demo


Position of the day: Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield talk to sexperts Jo Hemmings and Dr Jonty on This Morning as an elderly couple demonstrate the 'face to face' sex position

Presenter Phillip Schofield kicked off This Morning’s ‘Sexperts talk libido’ segment by telling those with little eyes, ‘you need to avert’.

But what came next shocked even the most mature of audiences tuning into the ITV show, by demonstrating the latest in vibrator technology and sex positions for the over 60s.

Schofield said: ‘We ought to make it clear that we are going to be demonstrating positions, showing sex aids and discussing intimate details during this item.’

Embarrassed? Holly Willoughby giggles and looks away as she discusses libido matters with the sexperts

But despite his warning, the segment still left viewers shocked at the early morning sex talk segment.

Relationship expert Jo Hemmings showed the audience the new vibrators on the market for 'clitoral stimulation', including the ‘ears of the rabbit’, a ‘glow in the dark bullet vibrator’ and a remote

Bed-wear: The elderly couple dressed in blue pyjamas as they acted as models in the segment about sex for over 60s

She then went on to explain the sex position of the day, by using an elderly couple dressed in pyjamas to demonstrate on a bed.

Hemmings said: ‘It’s called face to face and you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete for it.

‘She’s safely tucked in between his legs and it’s a position that’s comfortable and easy, you don’t need to jump around the bed and it’s very intimate, very pleasurable and very warm.’

Too early for sex talk? The segment shocked some viewers, who took to Twitter to voice their opinion of the 'inappropriate' item

Latest technology: Relationship expert Jo Hemmings shows off a remote controlled vibrator on the show

The controversial segment, which aired during children’s half term, sent viewers taking to Twitter to complain about the sexually explicit content.

YourPollyanna wrote on Twitter: ‘Was feeling much better but feel positively unwell again after seeing the over 60s demonstrating sex positions on ITV This Morning!’
James_harrod tweeted: ‘Making old people act our sex positions on telly just before lunchtime…oh ITV, for shame..’

While Marktharparms posted: 'Oh how TV has changed. Phil Schofield and Holly Willoughby on @itvthismorning discussing vibrators and sex positions for the over-sixties!

Others found the segment amusing though and jordanwalker89 tweeted: ‘Holly Willoughby doing sex education on this morning… I’ve had worse times!’

Giggles: The two presenters and their sexperts all seemed to be giggling during the sex segment

The rabbit: Jo Hemmings showed viewers the new vibrating rabbit head

source: dailymail