Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Come Fly With Me! Justin Bieber takes time out from tour to show Selena Gomez the delights of Rio de Janeiro by helicopter


She's My World: Justin Bieber leads his girlfriend Selena Gomez to a helicopter so they can see Rio in style today

With such a busy and international touring schedule, Justin Bieber could be forgiven for thinking that having a steady relationship as well could be just too impractical.

It's an excuse trotted out by many musicians on the road, but not 17-year-old Bieber, who is treating his My World tour as a chance to take Selena Gomez, 19, on an extended date.

Since it kicked off in June, the pair have barely spent more than a week apart, and currently Bieber is sharing the exotic fruits of his labour with Gomez by showing her Brazil.

Date time: The couple and crew head to their air vessel

Rio de Janeiro to be exact, where today love's young dream took a helicopter ride to best take in the stunning panorama of the city.

Bieber is hardly shabby when it comes to treating Gomez to dates, just recently he hired the Staples Centre in LA so they could watch the movie Titanic alone in the 20,000 capacity arena.

But it does beg the question of where he will go next, with his money, travelling to the moon to watch Pretty Woman might be an option.

Safety checks: With such precious cargo, the crew take time to check the young couple are safely in the helicopter

For now, however, the pair are as far from earth as you can be while still on it, as soar over the city then return to nestle at the exclusive penthouse in the Copacabana Palace.

An insider tells told Hollywood Life: 'Justin and Selena are staying at the Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro, which is considered to be the most exclusive hotel in Rio.

'They are staying in a Penthouse Suite which includes one bedroom with a king-sized bed, a living room, a mini bar and two marble bathrooms with a separate bathtub and shower.

Thrilling: Selena looks slightly nervous as the couple prepare to take off

'The suite is decorated with exquisite works of art, exotic carpets and French fabrics, and is about $2,900 a night!

Their source is also quoted as saying: 'Their suite has a private terrace and overlooks the Copacabana beach.

It’s gorgeous and extremely elegant. Stevie Wonder stayed in the exact same suite just a few days ago.'

Lift off!: It's time to hit the skies for yet another romantic date

And the pair have been spotted recovering from this spot of trauma in the hotel's spa.

It's back to work for Bieber tomorrow, however, as he has the Estádio do Engenhão in Rio de Janeiro to entertain.

Panorama: The cute couple are in for a treat soaring over the picturesque city

Hearty meal: Earlier in the day the couple had stocked up for their adventure with lunch at the Porcao restaurant

source: dailymail