Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Glitzy Christmas Card

I had such a good time with yesterday's PK GLITZ glitter & overlay card that I decided to use my leftovers and complete a second card.  The only downside I have found to this technique is that I end up sparkling until I shower!  My clothes, hair and face all had a glittery sparkle sheen after I had finished with the glitters.  Perhaps if I were neater...???  Hmmm... There's a thought!

Just like yesterday, I began with a printed 8.5 x 11 inch overlay printed with four Santa images.  I trimmed one Santa from the sheet and saved the others for later.  For this project I decided to start with the white glitter.  I applied the crystal lacquer glue in small amounts to Santa's beard and fur and then I dusted with white glitter.  I continued on to the other colors, just like coloring with markers.  Until I had to complete the skin. 

I did not purchase a skin color, a major over site!  I have since placed an order at PK Glitz for 3-4 additional colors of glitter, but I wanted to finish this Santa while I had it out.  I took a bit of white glitter and added a tiny bit of red to the white.  Mixing well I created a very light pink color and applied that to Santa's face and hands and the baby doll dress. 

To complete the card I used the negative area from yesterday's frames, reversing the layers I placed the plaid on top of the words layer.  And to mix it up a bit, Using the Art Philosophy cartridge I cut the frame in the tiny Christmas word cardstock!  And best of all, I did not glue it down upside down today!!

I used an oval of red cardstock as a background behind the Santa image.   I affixed the negative area frames to the outside edges of a green base card.  Next I layered the red oval, the Santa image - glitter side down - and the tiny word frame.  I attached them to the middle of the green card, leaving a green border showing from the back.  Just like yesterday I finished the card by adding red Stickles to the frame cut outs.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I will be back tomorrow with a Cricut project for Melanie's and Joy's Everyday Cricut blog.  I hope you can come and visit.