Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stay strong, Wrighty! TOWIE's Mark struggles with his celibacy pledge in a yoga class full of pretty and half-dressed girls


The Only Way is Hell: Mark Wright struggles to stay focused as he attends a yoga class full of pretty young Lycra-clad women

After vowing that he wasn't going to even look at another woman after breaking up with Lauren Goodger, a yoga class full of scantily-clad women wasn't exactly going to help his willpower.

But despite his eye wandering to all sorts of places - and body parts - during his zen workout, Mark Wright stuck to his pledge and left alone at the end of the class.

However, he soon bemoaned to his best mate how hard it had been to keep his mind on his yoga moves - and his celibacy vow.

He just can't cope! A sexy woman in tight and revealing workout clothes catches Mark's eye...

He met James 'Arg' Argent for a quick bite to eat, who couldn't help but tease Mark about doing the class.

But when he questioned his no-women vow, Mark said it had been a struggle and told him: 'I walked in, there were fourteen birds, an eight of ten minimum and all I can think about is boobs, arse and more arse. I nearly broke the celibacy right there and then!'

That was tough, Arg! Mark meets his best friend for lunch and tells him about his yoga class filled with 'eight out of ten' women

... so does some cleavage that is almost thrust in his face

He then teased Arg about having a salad and chips saying it defeated the object of his diet, as he told him about his earlier workout with Gemma Collins and one of the Greek twins, Dino, who was being their personal trainer.

She was at a car boot sale with her mother Deborah and Joey Essex as they attempted to sell their unwanted goods, but sadly only managed to make £6 between them, despite Joey insisting that his UGG boots were worth £1,000.

Defeating the object: Mark then teases Arg about having chips and salad even though he's on a diet, which makes him laugh

Encouraged by Lydia, he did manage to get himself a pair of jeans but Deborah laughed and said they were too small.

Viewers were also introduced to Harry's older brother Ronnie, as they got a van full of plants to take to the boot sale and when Harry asked what a pansy was, Ronnie replied: 'YOU should know what a pansy is!'

But are they reem though? Lydia Bright talks Joey Essex into buying a pair of second hand jeans at the car boot sale

Good day for some, bad for others: Harry and his brother Ronnie join Lydia, Joey and her mum who moans they've made £6 while the Derbidges boast about their £40 takings

As they drove off, Harry said: 'Why are there so many plants in here, it smells like green, I don't like the smell, don't like the colour.'

The boys ended up making £40 and celebrated with a pizza back at their house while they discussed Harry's sexuality and Ronnie said he'd take Harry to his first gay nightclub when he's 18.

I have no problem with you being gay: As Ronnie shares a pizza with Harry, he tells his younger brother he's going to take him to a gay nightclub when he hits 18

In the meantime, Harry had been recruited as Gemma's Cupid at her singles night that night which she was throwing at the Sugar Hut nightclub.

Earlier she had popped in to talk to owner Mick Norcross, who couldn't' believe his eyes as the slimmer and now brunette Gemma walked in the door and told her she looked 'absolutely foxy'.

You need to say sorry: As Lucy Mecklenburgh and Mario have coffee, Nicole Goodger comes over to thank her for helping her sister Lauren and Mark break up - but she has to apologise to her

Meanwhile, Lucy Mecklenburgh, who reportedly kissed Mark in Marbella shortly before he split from Goodger, was having a coffee with boyfriend Mario when Lauren's sister Nicole walked over to them.

As an uncomfortable Mario looked on, Nicole said to Lucy: 'Thanks for getting Mark away from my sister, she's finally seen the light and that's all down to you.'

Are you going to take this seriously? Mick Norcross talks to his son Kirk about their hotel plans

Awkward much? Kirk and Lauren have a strained meeting in the woods as they take their dog Bozo for a walk

But when Lucy insisted that breaking them up was not her intention, Nicole said she should apologise to Lauren.

Also during the show, fans saw Kirk and ex-girlfriend Lauren Pope meet up to walk their dog Bozo, which resulted in an awkward conversation between them about moving on and getting closure from each other.0

Singles night: The party proved to be popular - bit Chloe looked scared as she was cornered by the Greek twins Dino and Georgio

Let's forget it ever happened: Kirk and Jessica Wright discover that their lock and key work together - but pretend that it didn't to avoid any awkwardness

Both ended up at the singles' night which saw the girls get given a lock to wear round their necks while the boys had keys which they had to try out on different women.

Kirk unlocked Jessica Wright's lock but as Lauren walked past they said it was awkward and would act like it didn't work.

Maria and Mick ended up at the bar and found that their lock and key worked together and joked that this was when Mick should run and get his pre-nup, while Joey tried a number of unsuccessful chat up lines on a couple of women, including 'what's your favourite fruit?', and 'what's your favourite animal?'

Better luck next time, Joey! The tanned one tries chatting up a second lady who is as unimpressed as the last one

It seemed that most of the TOWIE gang were there including Billie and Sam Faiers, Chloe Sim, Frankie Essex and Lauren Goodger.

Mark Wright had given it a miss, and, as Mail Online reported earlier this week, was seen at home alone with a pizza and DVD for company.

Date crasher: A lonely Mark ends up joining Arg and Lydia during their romantic dinner

He then left his flat and got into his car as he left a message for someone, saying he was 'feeling lonely' and 'I want to come and see you'. Viewers then saw Lauren check her phone in the club.

But Mark ends up at Alec's where he crashes Arg and Lydia's romantic dinner but his best friend asks him to pull up a chair and Mark starts moaning about being lonely.

But as Arg sticks up for him, Lydia calmly puts him in his place and tells Mark: 'You've got to understand that Lauren's put up with a lot of crap over the past year and is entitled to move on.'

Taking sides: Lydia stayed calm as she told Mark that he should understand why Lauren is getting over him after 'all the crap' she has put up with from him

source: dailymail