Monday, September 26, 2011

Like mother, like daughter! Sarah Jessica Parker and her twin Marion share the same mannerisms on a rainy day out


Just like mom: Sarah Jessica Parker and her twin daughter Marion strike almost the exact same pose during a day out in New York today

She has said that her twin daughter Marion looks more like her husband Matthew Broderick.

But the blonde haired and blue eyed two-year-old certainly appears to have the same mannerisms of her mother.

Mother and daughter struck almost the exact same facial expression at the exact time today, on a day out in the Manhattan rain.

Rainy day: Sarah carries her other twin daughter Tabitha, and a nanny helps with Marion as they make their way through the Manhattan rain

The two girls were the splitting image of one another as they marveled at the same thing after stepping out of a chauffeured car.

Of course Parker's other twin daughter Tabitha was not far behind, as she also accompanied her sister and mother on the day out.

Also on hand was a nanny, who helped the Sex And The City star race her two girls to her private office, which is situated on the Upper West Side.

More alike: Sarah has said that he daughter Tabitha, pictured here, looks more like her

Sarah, who has frequently spoke of how different her two girls are, last week explained to Jonathan Ross the contrasts between the toddlers.

'They are spiritually, politically, physically, emotionally, ideologically... they are very, very, very different in every day,' she explained.

Casual Sunday: The stylish actress was dressed down for the outing in a pair of light blue jeans, a grey t-shirt and a black cardigan

source: dailymail