Friday, September 23, 2011

Gas walk! Vanessa Hudgens steps out in sexy over-the-knee boots to fill up her car


Boot-y-licious: Vanessa Hudgens teams some serious footwear with barley there shorts for a trip to the pumps

Filling the car up with petrol is not the most glamorous of jobs.

But Vanessa Hudgens managed to turn the boring task into a flashbulb event yesterday when she stepped out in some serious over-the-knee boots.

The 22-year-old also wore tiny, ripped denim hot pants to pump some gas in Los Angeles before zooming off to a meeting.

Nearly there: Miss Hudgens finishes up at the pump before heading in to pay

All eyes were on the High School Musical actress's chocolate brown boots with multiple straps that accentuated her toned, tanned thighs.

A set of oversize aviator sunglasses, a grungy tee and piles of necklaces and rings added oomph and attitude to what was actually a rather raunchy look for the star.

The daring outfit is something of a departure from Miss Hudgens' usual style of pretty dresses or pared-down jeans and a fail-safe cardi.

Observers may wonder whether the star's sexy style is the result of new beau, actor Austin Butler.

Busy girl: Miss Hudgens was then spotted in the same outfit running errands around Los Angeles

source: dailymail