Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What a load of bull! Katie Price can't bear to watch as she visits a bullfight with her boyfriend Leandro Penna and his family


Can't look: Katie Price puts her hand to her face during the bullfight in Marbella unable to watch as boyfriend Leandro Penna concentrates on the action

She's no doubt seen her share of awful sights in her time, recently witnessing two horses being mowed down by the car she was in.

But Katie Price was overcome with disgust when she attended a bullfight.

The glamour model was in the audience for the traditional sporting event, which took place in Marbella where she is currently holidaying with boyfriend Leandro Penna.

Shock, horror: The glamour model couldn't stomach the event - appearing to be in a state of shock or disgust throughout

She was seen covering her face, putting her hand to her mouth and appeared unable to watch for most of the day.

Meanwhile, in the arena, a matador did his daily work and took care of the bull in the most gory way possible, sticking a spear in between its shoulders.

Katie later revealed she only went to the event out of politeness toward Leandro's mum Mercedes and dad Hector who were visiting and had arranged the day out.

Ban: Miss Price later tweeted to say express her thoughts on the traditional sport saying that she thought it should be banned

A well known animal lover, Katie had reservations about the day but told The People: 'Leo and I were invited and I did not want to offend, especially given Leo’s Latin origins. I did not ­imagine it would be so ­shocking but it is part of Spanish ­culture. I don’t want to disrespect that.'

She also said: 'I admit I was shocked by its brutality and I would not go again. But I can now say that with knowledge of the experience.'

And later tweeted to followers to speak her mind on the sport, writing: 'I have to say bull­fighting should be banned. It was horrific!'

Over the shock: Katie Price heads out for an evening in Marbella with her boyfriend Leandro Penna

A source close to the model said: 'She was really distressed and thought it was disgraceful. She wants to use her fame to try to encourage a boycott.

The next night Katie was accompanied by her boyfriend Leandro Penna on another night out in the Spanish resort.

Wearing her trademark skimpy white shorts with a red T-shirt featuring an image of an open mouth, with the word 'Rock' written on it, Miss Price appeared to have overcome the shock she endured during Saturday's bullfight.

Shy: The model appeared unhappy at being photographed

Her Argentinian lover led the way as the couple spent another evening out and about in Marbella, where they have been holidaying for the past week.

Leandro's ensemble was just as summery as his girlfriend's, wearing a bright peach T-shirt with 'Hawaii' written across the front and tight grey jeans.

Oddly, the usually camera-friendly star was a little shy during this particular evening out.

Barbaric: The model accompanied her beau to a bullfight last week but she was left in shock at the gory event

Meanwhile, Katie is allegedly upset that her Best Gay Friend Gary Cockerill turned down an invitation to go to Spain with her, instead choosing to fly out to Greece with Tamara Ecclestone instead.

The boys' decision to snub her Marbella invite left Katie - who is currently on holiday with her boyfriend Leandro Penna and her three children - extremely disappointed.

A source told BANG Showbiz: 'Katie was really keen for Gary and Phil to come to Marbella with her and have some fun as it's the place to be this summer. When Gary said he couldn't go because he was flying to Greece with Tamara she was gutted. They have been friends for such a ling time and Katie believes his loyalty should lie with her.'

Appalled: Miss Price appeared to still be perturbed after her ordeal at the bullfight