Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wearing a bikini to do the washing up? It must be Amy Childs (and she tells Jedward off for not joining her)


Chore time: Amy and Darryn say a lot of the contestants haven't been pulling their weight in the house

She said last last week her family had always hired help to do the household chores.

But the Big Brother house appears to have brought Amy Childs down to earth a little bit.

Realising quickly that the housemates wouldn't be privy to certain luxuries like staff, the former Only Way Is Essex star has pulled her weight in keeping the place clean.

And she even joined paparazzo Darryn Lyons in telling of cheeky twins Jedward for not helping out yesterday.

Not fair: Amy got even more annoyed when one of the twins told her that the other housemates were sunbathing while she was cleaning

But she didn't let up on the glamour, opting for a customised Dolly Boutique purple bikini to do the dishes, not worrying about being splattered by hot water.

The 21-year-old's two-piece had the words 'Miss Childs' spelled out in diamantes on it.

Amy sported several pink rollers in her hair to keep the trademark flame-coloured locks voluminous.

Sparkle girl: Amy's customised bikini bottoms had the words 'Miss Childs' spelled out in diamantes

And she kept on her silver jewellery and wore a massive pair of Paris Hilton-style sunglasses.

As she scrubbed pots and pans in the Elstree house's open-plan kitchen, Darryn kicked off at pop duo Jedward, akak John and Edward Grimes.

He said: 'It takes literally five seconds of your time in here to help everyone out.

Fashionable: Amy continued to flick her hair and pout as she did the dishes and argued with the twins, wearing massive sunglasses and pink roller in her red barnet

'I think we're being really reasonable guys, we're asking for a little bit of help.

Not a lot. It's not only you, there are a lot of people not cleaning up in here.

'I mean jam butter all over the towels. It's not appropriate.'

He asked them: 'You're mother wouldn't like it would she, in her house?' to which they replied in unison 'No'.

They tried to escape being blamed for the dirty towels by saying they didn't eat butter.

Impressive: Paddy Doherty, of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding fame, watches one of the twins do a flip

But Amy joined in, asking: 'Do you eat jam, do you eat marmalade, do you eat pancakes? Everything is everywhere boys.

'Boys I'm not moaning at you because I love you. But I'm just saying to you, it's getting a bit of a joke really. I'm getting f***** off because I'm feel like I'm doing the washing up every day.'

One of the twins goes outside to see what the other contestants are doing, finds them sunbathing and tells Amy.

Big tumble: The twins are always getting up to mischief in the house, shocking viewers who tune in each night

She says: 'Exactly, they're all sunbathing. I would love to sunbathe. I'm the sun worshiper more than anyone. It just feels like I keep on doing this everyday.'

She said Sally Bercow, the first contestant to be evicted from the house, had a good idea when she came in the house to do a rota but everyone had 'just absolutely messed up' with the schedule.

'I'm not arguing with you babe, I'm really not. I'm not arguing with anyone but I think we just all need to help each other out babe.'

My turn: Paddy, 52, even had a go but failed to keep up with his younger counterparts, landing flat on his back

One of the twins apologises and Amy says 'You ain't got to apologise to me, I'm just trying to help you out babe.'

A twin promises: 'I'll start helping you guys out.'

This morning Jedward entertained Lucien Laviscount and Paddy Doherty by teaching them to do flips in the air.

But 52-year-old Paddy, of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding fame, couldn't keep up with his younger counterparts and landed flat on his back.

One of the twins offered the reassuring words: 'Amazing, god, crazy.'

source: dailymail