Wednesday, August 31, 2011

'Mark told me we'd be more successful if I lost weight': reveals Lauren Goodger as she poses in the nude before split


Happy times: Mark and Lauren seen during their engagement party which was filmed for the show in April

Lauren Goodger reveals former fiance Mark Wright told her to lose weight and made her feel like she should be 'obsessed' with being slim.

The telling interview came days before the couple's shock split and may shed some light on the reasons why The Only Way Is Essex' on-off couple broke off their engagement.

Although, he claims it was because she cheated on him during a night out in Essex while he was holidaying in Marbella - a claim she vehemently denies.

Words of advice: Lauren says Mark told her they would be a more successful couple if she lost weight

Lauren, 24, revealed her insecurities in an interview with Heat magazine in which she posed naked, covering her modesty with her arms, but showing off her behind.

She said she hated her arms and thinks her legs are 'disgusting'.

She believed Mark, 24, had received tweets asking him why he was with her as she was 'the biggest one' and that if she lost weight she would have 'more control' over his wandering eye.

Lauren, who says she is a size 10, says she has avoided mirrors for years and admitted it was hard having a boyfriend who was so fit.

Skinny friends: Lauren claims Mark has compared her body to TOWIE castmate Amy Childs'. Maria Fowler also sports an enviable figure.

'He makes me feel like I should be obsessed, so that's double pressure,' she said.

'He tells me that we'll be a bigger couple because people like to see good-looking slim people.

'The other day I said "Look my hips look big" and he was like "Yeah, they do. That's because your hips are big at the minute."'

When asked if her boyfriend had ever asked her to lose weight, she said: 'Yeah. He wants us to train together and get fit for the show. But I couldn't survive on a bowl of lettuce. We both love our food.'

Added pressure: Lauren, who has been doing boot camp to try and lose weight, said it was hard to have a boyfriend who is so fit

Mark even compared her to their TOWIE castmates.

She added: 'He says to me "You're the best-looking girl on that show, if you had an amazing body..." He says I am so much more beautiful than Amy [Childs], but because of her body she gets [to pose for] Vogue and I think he's right.'

Lauren punishes herself by looking at pictures of Victoria's Secret models.

But although she wants to lose weight, she says she would never starve herself and wouldn't have surgery.

Moving on: Lauren was seen moving boxes out of Mark's flat on Saturday after they broke up

She admits to having taken diet pills but says she didn't like the way they made her feel 'shaky'.

Mark has constantly been heard commenting on Lauren's weight throughout the two seasons of TOWIE.

In the second episode, while the couple were broken up, Mark is seen watching footage of Lauren being given a spray tan by Amy.

He says: 'Why is she doing that, she looks f***** 19 stone, the div. Why would you even bother?''

Lauren isn't the only one who has been criticised by Mark for his weight - he often slags of his best friend Arg for how much he eats

His sister Jessica replies: 'Mark don't be nasty.'

The couple, who became engaged five months ago, announced their split on Saturday and Lauren was seen moving boxes out of Mark's flat the next day.

Ironic: The couple were seen shooting scenes for an advert for the third series of the show last week with Mark donning a fatsuit

Although Lauren had barely aged at all, Mark was covered in wrinkles.

And it looked as if he was now the obedient husband instead of wayward fiancé and was carrying a baby's nappy bag while Lauren pushed a pram with the couple's fictional twins.

The September 3-9 issue of Heat features the full interview with Lauren.

source: dailymail