Wednesday, August 31, 2011

'I'm on the edge': Paddy Doherty breaks down after Fright Night saying he can't mix with 'country people' as he brands housemates 'morons'


'I'm on the edge': Paddy Doherty broke down in the diary room and told Big Brother he was finding the experience hard branding his other housemates as 'all morons

Paddy Doherty broke down after a special screening and headed to the diary room where he revealed he was ‘on the edge.’

After watching a screening of the film Fright Night Paddy was left fuming at the antics of the troublesome twins Jedward and he stormed into the diary room.

The My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star screamed as he entered the diary room and told Big Brother explained his confusion.

He said: ‘I’m all f***ed up in the head here.’You don’t understand Big Brother. I don’t know what is wrong. Look at this.’

As he sat with his head in his hands Paddy revealed he felt ‘disgusted’ after seeing the horror film and branded everyone else in the house was a ‘moron’.

He also revealed he was having trouble mixing with ‘country people.’

Paddy ranted: ‘I’m like a fish out of water. I don’t mix with country people.’

'I'm a fish out of water': The My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star said he felt out of his depth mixing with 'country people' because as a traveller he doesn't normally mix with them

‘They are laughing at stupid things. I need my woman to say Paddy you are alright.’

Paddy broke down after he watched a special screening of Fright Night with task winners Jedward, Tara, Bobby, Pamela and John.

The housemates had been tasked with eating garlic dishes and Paddy had eaten his garlic ice cream quicker than Lucien.

Not impressed: Paddy said the film screening, which was a prize for winning the Fright Night task left him feeling 'disgusting' and he only went because he was bored

After finishing the foul food Paddy was seen holding his head in his hands screaming: ‘Mummy, mummy, mummy.’

Speaking to Big Brother after the task he said: ‘I’m dying. I’m a write off. I need a priest to give me a blessing and I need a doctor to look at my stomach.’

The task saw Tara beat Amy in a race to drink garlic smoothies, Bobby thrashing Darryn by chowing down on garlic cereal and Pamela finishing her garlic chocolate before Kerry.

Tasty treat: Paddy had beaten Lucien earlier in the day's task which saw housemates eating foul foods made of garlic

Worse for wear: After he won the task Paddy told Big Brother he needed a priest and a doctor and said he didn't feel well at all

Jedward's John Grimes beat his brother Edward in their pairing by eating his bowl of garlic jelly the quickest.

The stars of fright night Anton Yelchin and Christopher Mintz-Plasse entered the house to provide the winners with their golden tickets and Jedward were so excited to meet ‘McLovin’.

It wasn't just Paddy who has started to feel the strain living in the Big Brother house Lucien also revealed that he had let people 'get inside his head'.

In pain: John managed to chow down on the garlic jelly he and his brother were given to eat but he didn't look happy about it

Yummy food? Darryn and Bobby were tasked with eating garlic cereal and Bobby managed to eat his the quickest

The model confided in Kerry, who he shared a kiss with on yesterday's show, to say that he was being influenced by Tara.

And his distance was noticed by the American Pie actress who told Big Brother she was aware that the model had been off with her.

Good technique: Tara held her nose as she downed the garlic milkshake which proved a good tactic as she beat Amy but the drink left her retching

Feeling fragile: Kerry held her head in her hands as she and Pamela tried to calm themselves down. Pamela ate her garlic chocolate the quickest

She said: 'I’m a little bit down today. When you nominate people you feel bad and you see different sides to them. I know I’m a strong person I know I’ll get through it but its hard.

She added: 'I felt the closest with Mumbles but he pulled away and I feel that he is avoiding me. I enjoy being with him he was like my brother.'

It seems that Lucien felt that Tara had influenced him to vote for snapper Darryn and the model was quick to apologise to the Australian.

New housemates? The stars of Fright Night Anton Yelchin and Christopher Mintz-Plasse entered the house to give the winning housemates tickets to a special screening of their vampire movie and joined the gang in the task room to watch the film

Causing a stir: Housemates, particularly Jedward were overwhelmed by the actor's entering the house

Darryn learned he was nominated alongside Pamela for eviction this week and knew that his friend Lucien had voted for him.

After the task the model asked Darryn to come into the garden for a chat where he revealed he was struggling with his decision.

Lucien told Darryn: 'I’m a sheep in situations and I’m not proud of it. I don’t know what I have done to deserve what has happened from you.'

'I know for a fact there’s no rectifying what I've done. I think you are a great bloke but it doesn’t.'

Darryn responded by saying: 'If anything comes out of this let’s make it positive.

'Don’t ever in your life let people sway you. Every decision I make has to come form my gut.

'I can totally understand you are a young man on the path of learning life. I love you to bits.'

source: dailymail