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My Big Fat Gypsy sleepover: Sally Bercow accepts new best friend Paddy Doherty's invitation to stay with his family


My Big Fat Gypsy Sleepover: In footage of Friday from the Celebrity Big Brother house, Sally Bercow was seen telling Paddy Doherty she had made a real friend in him

She may be out of the Celebrity Big Brother now, but her time in the house was not wasted.

In fact, Sally Bercow has made such a good friend in My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty that he has invited her to meet his family and stay with them.

Sally, who was evicted from the house last night, was shown on the programme tonight saying that she felt she had a real bond with the Irish fighter.

Talking to Paddy outside, Sally told him: 'The thing I'm most grateful in this house is meeting you, Paddy.'

Come stay with me! Paddy invited Sally to come and meet his wife and children and to stay the night, an invitation she accepted

When Paddy said that he wanted Sally to meet his wife and children, Sally replied: 'I want to come up and see your world, Paddy.'

And when Paddy insisted to Sally that she needed to stay a night to get the full effect of his world, she replied: 'I'd love to stay a night, I'd really love to.'

Sally also admitted she had found it difficult to be by herself during her time in the house. She told Paddy: 'It's quite weird for me being amongst all these people and still feeling lonely. I'm not usually lonely on my own, I like my own company, so it's weird.'

BFFs: The pair struck up an unusual friendship during their time together while Sally was in the house

Last night was Sally's last in the Big Brother house as she became the first to be evicted.

But, after she had left the house, the housemates, including her new best friend Paddy, were quick to express their sorrow that she had gone.

Working it out: Darryn Lyons gets a hand from Bobby Sabel as he works out the shopping list

Paddy said: 'Sally was a nice woman. my heart is in the right place. her husband is her life to her and her children are her life to her but she's a nice, nice woman, honest to God she is.'

Darryn Lyons added: 'She had an incredible amount of fortitude to do what she did and I admire her for that.'

Arguments: But Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff wasn't impressed with the list, and made that clear

And Kerry Katona, who nominated Sally for eviction, said: 'I was really getting to know sally and the more I got to know her, the more I was starting to like her.'

Tonight's Celebrity Big Brother showed that while Irish twins Jedward are still grating on some of the housemates' nerves, it is actually Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff who is causing the most problems.

The arguments began when Darryn started rowing with Pamela for interrupting him while he was attempting to figure out how the house should spend their £500 shopping budget, a treat for passing this week's Wizard Of Oz task.

Cuddling up: Lucien Laviscount and Kerry Katona shared a joke as they sat on the sofas

This is how you do it: Bobby instructed Jedward in how to correctly shave

After Darryn shouted at her to be quiet while she was asking him to put cigarettes on the list, Pamela went to the Diary Room to complain about his attitude.

She explained: 'Darryn can be distant. I just keep smiling and being nice to him, there's nothing else to do. That little curve in your smile hopefully starts to straighten everything out.'

But after speaking to her daughter Hayley on her birthday, Pamela's mood seemed to lift, and she gave Darryn a hug as she left the Diary Room following the call.

What a diva: Amy admitted she gets sent loads of free clothes and make-up

Jealous: Jedward looked particularly envious when Amy mentioned she gets free hair straighteners

Later on though, Tara complained to Kerry that she was getting annoyed with Pamela's attitude, and said that Pamela was bringing down the mood in the house.

The arguments continued further when Pamela and Lucien disagreed over a pack of cigarettes left for the house by Sally.

When Lucien offered Pamela a cigarette from the pack, she got angry with him, and said that she had been giving him cigarettes all week.

And when Lucien tried to explain that he was just having a joke with Darryn over the pack, Pamela wouldn't listen to him, cutting him off and refusing to let him finish his explanation.

Bathtime: Kerry was in charge of babysitting John and Edward so they didn't get into trouble

Water baby: But Edward got a bit too energetic in his bath, splashing water all over the floor

But while most of the attention was on Pamela's antics, Jedward were still succeeding in rubbing some of their housemates up the wrong way.

Struggling with boredom, the twins came to the Diary Room to complain to Big Brother.

They said: 'They sleep all day and they drink all night. We'd rather be awake during the day and asleep during the night.'

Arguments: Pamela is not proving a hit with many of the housemates, including Tara Reid and Lucien

Drink up: Lucien distracted himself with a drink after having an argument with Pamela over cigarettes

So, to relieve the boredom, the dastardly duo came up with a series of pastimes to keep themselves occupied.

But the rest of the housemates had obviously realised that when the pair are left alone, they get up to no good, so mother-of-four Kerry was assigned as babysitter for the day.

However, her presence didn't stop the siblings messing around, with Edward spilling water all over the floor with his energetic bathtime.

Shut up! Amy was set a secret mission to drop five Shakespeare quotes into her general conversations

What are you on about? But her sudden spouting of the Bard drew suspicion from Paddy and Darryn

As the boys cleaned up their mess, John asked Edward if it had been worth it, to which Edward replied: 'Totally, it was completely worth it, and more.'

The programme also showed The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs set a secret task to drop five William Shakespeare quotes into conversations with her fellow housemates to win alcohol for the house that evening.

After admitting she had 'no idea' what any of the quotes meant, Amy attempted to casually mention them but raised suspicions with her sudden affinity with the Bard.

But she told Bobby: 'I really like William Shakespeare, my favourite book is Romeo and Juliet.'

However, Amy later admitted in the Diary Room: 'I just don't get Shakespeare. I tried to watch Romeo and Juliet but had to turn it off after five minutes because I didn't understand it - random.'

Jedward - Edward smacking people in the face - Celebrity Big Brother

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