Thursday, March 31, 2011

Aussie model Abbey Lee Kershaw for fashion magazine Vogue Russia April 2011

American actress and singer Victoria Justice for teen fashion magazine Seventeen US April 2011

American actress and singer Rosario Dawson for men’s magazine FHM Russia April 2011

American model Lily Aldridge for the latest Swimwear Collection of Victoria’s Secret

Simple Pages in a Flash for a Multi Scrap Page Event

Today I want to share the idea of using simple layouts to help you deal with a multi-page scrapping event.  As part of my 50th birthday celebration last year we went to the Aiken Spring Steeplechase on my actual birthday.  After the Steeplechase we had friends over for a party picnic/party with games.  It was a wonderful birthday!  But scrapping the day took many pages.  I had the elements of the Steeplechase as well as outdoor and inside photos from the evening.   I had previously scrapped four pages of of the evening party, but I had not yet attempted to scrap the Steeplechase.

I began by dividing the photos and memorabilia into categories:  Intro, family and friends, carriage parade, and Steeplechasing.  I combined the memorabilia with two photobooth looking photo strips and a photo of a single horse and rider.  I used two coordinating pieces of black and white print cardstock, white cardstock matting, and a white pen for doodling and created the first two pages. 

Above, I had saved an extra copy of the invitations we sent to family and friends to join us at the Steeplechase, matted it on white cardstock, and combined with the photo strips to create an intro page.

Page two includes my admission badge from the event, the actual event program, a single rider photo, and bit of ribbon and a cardstock sticker.  Easy peasy yet nice looking.  The print cardstock was a great touch.

Pages three and four contain five of my favorite photos from the many taken during the carriage parade.  HINT:  Do not feel like you MUST use every photo.  You can select photos to represent the event/location (I chose my favorite of the Grand Canyon too, and did not scrap all 70+ photos).  The largest of the photos is a 5x7, three are 4x6's, and the smaller photo is 2.5x6 inches.

I chose a simple black cardstock background and cut a single sheet of traditional equestrian looking plaid paper in half to decorate the page.  I chose a pale yellow color from the plaid and matted the five photos on yellow.  I added chipboard brackets and a chipboard sticker, along with layered flowers.  Again, simple and easy - let the focus be on the photos.

Pages five and six were the easiest.  I had enlarges some of my photos to show details of the event.  I had four photos - an 8x10, a 5x7, a 10x4, and a 4x6.    I matted the photos on white and light blue cardstock.  The 8x10 and a title fill the first page - with a "take the jump" sticker. 

Page six is a bit crowded, but I did not want to spread the "Chasing" photos over another two pages... So I squeezed it all in.  I have very few embellishments, again, because the photos are the focal point.  I felt that too many embellies distracted from the photos.

Pages seven and eight are the final two Steeplechase pages - family and friends.  And while I added a little detail to these pages, again they were quite simple.  The pages were created with a speckled navy blue cardstock base, a sheet of blue and green print cut in half, and a blue and white print.  I picked up on the green in the print to use as base matting. 

The letters were cut from the M.S. Seasonal Art cartridge.  And the final embellishments were the layered flowers, in blues and whites. 

And that is how you make eight quick pages of the same event using a limited number of photos to represent the overall event.  I broke the event down into phases - and scrapped two simple pages for each of the four phases. 

Tomorrow I will be announcing the winner of the Custom Crops gift voucher - Not an April fool's joke!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Layouts, Layouts, Layouts... And I am still behind.

I love the saying, "God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die." (Bill Watterson)  That saying applies to me and my actual scrapbooking - in other words - LAYOUTS.  I have quite a number of photos that I have never gotten around to scrapping. 

This last weekend I had the pleasure of spending three days scrapping at Lake Murray - thank you Beth and Sally.  I managed to complete 21 12x12 layouts (one of which was Buzz Lightyear).  To give you an idea of how far behind I am, I found photos from Christmas 2009 and photos from my birthday last year.  I had scrapped part of the photos, but not all.

In honor of my 50th birthday last year, my girlfriends had a birthday crop for me.  It was so fun - good friends, good food, doing what we like to do!    I had scrapped some of the birthday photos, but not all.  This is a scraptique kit modified (or as I say, "Susanized") to fit the photos. 

The two page layout utilizes Teresa Collins papers - lots of pink, white and black.  And of course lots of textile textures. 

I love the elements on the right page, the three file folders.  Each of the three folders opens to reveal hidden information.  The smaller two folder contain the journaling.  The larger folder contains the photo below.   

If you have not already  done so be sure to leave a comment under the previous post to be elegible for the Custom Crops gift voucher blog candy.  The winner will be posted on Friday.

Tomorrow I will share how simple layouts can help you deal with multi page scrap events, while still looking nice.