Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Russian Match Production

Maybe you have also asked yourself how matches are made. So now you’re going to learn about it. Welcome to the Cherepovets match factory “FASCO”.
The territory of the factory.
The whole process is quite simple. They take a log and cut it into thin sheets, and then the sheets are cut into sticks for matches. The logs’ butts are painted with lime for them not to get spoiled.
Here the production is divided. One part of match sticks is sent in boxes to other countries for them to make matches themselves.
Other sticks go to further production of matches – to chemical workshops. there match sticks are soaked in orthophosphoric acid and then refined for them not to get spoiled. Then sticks are soaked into sulphur solution to get match heads.
While matches are getting dry, match boxes are produced in another workshop. On the cardboard from huge rolls a picture is printed and the next stage is laying a sulphur surface.
““““““““““““After this printed work-pieces are cut and bent.““““
Then the box filling follows. It’s interesting that in the Soviet Union there were about 60 matches in a box, in Russia – 50, during the crisis – about 40.
““““““Now the boxes are filled with matches, packed and ready for sale.““““““““““via zanbatist