Thursday, September 30, 2010

And the winner of the Custom Crops Gift Voucher is.....

Ian is hanging out with me as I prepare this blog post so instead of using the random drawing tool I asked Ian to select a number between 1 and 73, the number of comments on the blog candy as of 12:15 am Thursday morning. 

The winner of this month's blog candy is lucky number 17:

Jessica Wekenman said...
I can't believe you built that sewing machine! That is absolutely fantastic! I love your card and all the colors and papers are so pretty!
Congratulations Jessica, you will be hearing from Custom Crops!   And THANK YOU to Custom Crops for sponsoring my blogs.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Projects, Where Oh Where are the Projects

I have missed my blog... It has been a tough week.  For some crazy reason I went into super-mom/Susie-homemaker mode last week.  My youngest son is home from college on fall break (he is on a crazy school schedule).  Ian asked me to make one or two of his favorite meals last week.  Of course this guy's favorite meals are not burgers and pizza.... oh no.... He wanted Greek Chicken Pie (i.e. chicken, feta, spring onions, spices, in a fabulous sauce wrapped in flaky phyllo) and Beef Bourguignonne with Egg Noodles.  Seriously.  The simpler of the meals he requested was homemade tacos and homemade beef BBQ. 

I think I have gained four pounds in the last week.  Did I forget to mention the homemade apple pie? Yes I did.  I made from scratch apple pie and pie crust on Sunday.  That pie was awesome.  And the crust was fabulous.  I also used the Cricut Cake machine to cut extra pie dough to decorate the top of the pie. The apples were from A Child's Year and the flourish is from French Manor.

Ian goes back to Atlanta on Friday and I think Doug, Bethany and I will going on a diet starting Saturday!  I will be making a round trip to Atlanta and back in one day, so there will be no crafting on Friday either.   But this weekend THERE WILL BE CRAFTING!! 

I have three projects planned for the weekend.  My next two BBTB2 projects as well as my fall Yudu napkins. 

I will be back tomorrow to select a winner of the Custom Crops gift voucher/blog candy.  Sorry to be so worthless in the craft world this week.  I will improve....

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sew Fine Blog Hop - Blog Candy - BBTB2

Hello everyone, welcome to the monthly BBTB2 blog hop. You may have arrived here from Heather's blog - wasn't her project lovely?  Or you may have just popped in to check out my Monday project.  If you did not start at the BBTB2 blog, you may want to click the link in the left column and start the blog hop at the beginning - after you finish here, of course!!

The challenge cut this week is the sewing machine from the Cricut's Heritage cartridge.  I actually do not own Heritage so I used shapes in George and built my sewing machine in design studio.  I did this by placing the sewing machine on the mat and then filling it in with the geometric shapes on the George cartridge.

I also used this cute little sewing girl from Nursery Rhymes.  I layered her with four different papers and topped her off Glimmer Glaze, Pink Lady for the dress and Icicle for the apron and the sewing machine. I finished the girl and her quilt with cute chip board buttons - which I think are from Basic Grey.   

I also used glimmer mist on the card.  I sprayed the vertical white paper lace trim (from Basic Grey) with Pomegranate Glimmer Mist and allowed it to dry before attaching the lace pieces to the matting. I added a larger chip board button over the lace.

The photo shows some of the dimensional effect on the card front.

I did mention blog candy didn't I?  I am offering a $25.00 gift voucher to Custom Crops.  You know you want to go shopping for free!!!  Leave a comment below and you will be in the drawing for the blog candy gift voucher.  I will draw a winner on Thursday.

Sadly it is now time for you to leave me.  But no worries though, you are off to Krista's blog.  I love Krista!  She is so nice and so talented and soooo pretty. It's a good thing I love her or I might be jealous!!!  Enjoy the rest of the blog hop!!!  And do remember to leave a comment before you hop away....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lindsay out of jail and Lohan, was his decision and met bail revoked

It turns out that TMZ was right when they say that Lindsay was not in jail without bail for two drug tests do not, the crimes were released. Lindsay's lawyer appealed to his name and his proposal to languish in jail without bail until his next meeting was canceled yesterday. Bail was set at $ 300,000, met him, and now that is terrorizing the streets again. The positive side is that small was ordered to take alcohol detection Scram bracelet and stay away from nightclubs. I am sure she will be buried many "drinks on the device, and not so much important business meetings, you can not miss in a dark bar, according to the clock at 1:00.

Here is the TMZ report:

    Lindsay Lohan will soon be a free woman, because the judge just set aside the decision of Judge Elden Fox and Lilo on bail ... TMZ has learned.

    The judge decided to Fox this morning ... Lindsay can be held without bail. But apparently, the judge's decision contradicts the law of California that gives defendants the right to bail in the case of misconduct.

    Court Judge Patricia Schnegg, Los Angeles County supervisor assistant referees criminal released on bail only the judge's decision in the case of Fox Judges set bail of $ 300,000 Schnegg.

    Lindsey, who is in prison Lynnwood right now to get in the near future ... maybe in a few hours.

    UPDATE 06.02 GMT Watch Lindsay needs to get the Scram bracelet (this is his third) for 24 hours - and according to the conditions of bail can not be known throughout the medicine ... and must submit to the search for the prosecution at any time. In addition, the nightclubs of the big no-no ... Linds should stay away from places where alcohol is a "substantial argument."

    UPDATE 22.10 CET clock: TMZ has learned that Lindsay published his beloved slave bail. Now you can get out of prison Lynnwood, and you can only ask for a ride.

[From TMZ]

Radar Online reminds us that this is the alcohol sensing device Scram third is that Lohan was equipped at the age of 24 years. I am sure that Judge Fox was aware that his decision to be quickly refuted, but he gave Lohan clock, never, never be anything other than delaying the button.

Lindsay Lohan is "very cautious" in his cell, separated
Might as well to all the details, right? Well, first of all in this recent photo of Lindsay Lohan reserve. That makes three, four, and this is the second in 2010. This is only the first photo ginger Lohan! Interesting factoid. It was also immediately after the release on bail of Lindsay, was handcuffed and taken away, but initially "seemed surprised" and "jumped to see his lawyer." Here is a wonderful artist representation, that courtesy of TMZ:

Also - looks like a police officer was harassing their rights? Maybe she muttered something about "Firecrotch." Anyhoodle TMZ received a statement from Shawn Chapman Holley, the judge said that Fox has no legal basis "for denying bail Lohan I tend to believe that the judge had every reason -. He said that if drugs or alcohol take back to jail, and he was alone.

I also think they should go to jail because they do not want to see your video more children. Apparently, this judge and the judge a Fox Fox, who, when Lindsay will, if it really before their hearing is October 22. I wonder if Dean "I Fired Up" would be tough games "with his" baby. " More: Lindsay Louboutins contributed $ 1,195 for his court appearance. I think Dean should take home, because the photographers have some photos of Dean in a pouch, as things Lindsay has been identified. Disgusting, Lindsay was not wearing shoes HANS.

So Lindsay is now in prison. The representative of the County Sheriff's Office in Los Angeles, said that the media is Lindsay. "Very cooperative, very modest and quiet they have asked more of it." Modesto? It's probably just break the conspiracy of the following Hijink. More: Lindsay is disconnected from the larger prison. See F-cking smile before going to court. She is a right little bitch.

Friday, September 24, 2010

American actress Nicole Richie @ InStyle UK October 2010

American actress Nicole Richie has her new blonde locks dark brown exchanged for a coupe with a pony. In the October 2010 issue of fashion magazine InStyle UK she posing in high fashion.

British model and singer Karen Elson hot flame @ Harper’s Bazaar UK October 2010

British model and singer Karen Elson is the red hot flame haired beauty on the cover page of fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar UK for the month of October 2010. 

American pop singer Christina Aguilera beauty on Cosmopolitan UK October 2010

American pop singer Christina Aguilera is the bionic beauty on the cover page of entertainment magazine Cosmopolitan UK for the month of October 2010.

American model Hilary Rhoda

American model Hilary Rhoda rocks the runway with 60′ beat for the fashion magazine Elle Canada for the month of October 2010. 

American actress and singer Ashley Tisdale pretty on Seventeen US October 2010

American actress and singer Ashley Tisdale pose along with Alyson Michalka for the cover page of teen fashion magazine Seventeen US for the month of October 2010. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shermine Shahrivar Miss Europe 2005

Shermine Shahrivar (Persian: شرمینه شهریورتهرانی, born 1982 in Iran) is the German-Iranian winner of the Miss Europe 2005 beauty pageant in Paris.  Check out her photo on PLAYBOY magazine.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A few more pages of the Disney Scrapbook

Posing with Nemo

I am going to share a few more pages from the Garland's Disney album.  I gave the album to Ruth yesterday and she seemed to really, really like it.  In fact, she said it made her want to go back again - soon!  I shouldn't admit it, but it had the same effect on me!!  :-)

Smooching at Epcot and posing with Pooh and company.

I am not sure if you can see what the Garlands are wearing - they each have on a Disney hockey sweater.  Bill is wearing the Grumpy Miners.... Hence the cute saying in the lower left corner, "I'm Grumpy... What's your excuse?"

The weather was all over the place during our week in Orlando.  The first half of the week was cold and windy, but the last two days were hot.  It was fun, but crazy. 

This is my favorite layout in the book:  Nice Ears!  The last day Bill and Ruth finally bought the required Disney ears, complete with names.  They were very cute!  

Tomorrow we will officially leave the happiest place on earth and head back to seasonal scrapping!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guess What I finished? Disney for the Garlands

 Title Page

One of my biggest accomplishments over the weekend (when I was away at the lake for a girls scrapping weekend) was I managed to complete the Disney album on which I have been working. Our friends the Garlands went to Disney with our family FOUR YEARS ago and had not done a thing with their photos.  I decided for their birthday gifts to scrap some of their Disney photos.

MGM Studios

Mr. Garland smuggled the Disney DVD to me and I printed photos.  Since then I have been chugging along on Disney.  The final book contains 24 pages, but really it could have been much larger.  But at least they will have a nice overview of their trip.  (Click on any photo to see the image larger).

@MGM for the evening with Mrs. Incredible and the dancing Christmas light show

Since I have already shared some parts of the album with you I will not share all of the pages.  However, I will share a few layouts over the next few days.

Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Haruka Ayase (綾瀬 はるか, Ayase Haruka), born in Hiroshima Prefecture, on March 24, 1985, is a Japanese actress.

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress

Cool and Cute Haruka Ayase Japanese actress