Sunday, July 25, 2010

Safely in Chicago!

Today was my travel day to CHA.  I arrived early afternoon to a lovely 80 degree, breezy, LOW HUMIDITY day.  I stress the low humidity because in SC low humidity means it is only 75% humid that day.  And 80 degrees for a high.... Not since early April!

I picked up my registration info and got the lay of the land, before returning to my hotel room, ordering dinner and passing out.  I had hoped to get four hours of sleep last night, but ended up with only three.  I was working to get the last of the DVD sets ready for Doug to mail on Monday, and then I realized that I should pack before going to bed. 

It was such a good thing that I did go ahead and pack.  Doug, the wonder-man, did not remember that I asked him to wake me at 7:00 am and he let me "sleep in" until 7:45.  I had to leave for the airport by 8:20!!!  I think we left the house at 8:25, but I was showered and completely ready!  As a bonus, I managed to only forget two things, but one was my tool kit (I have three classes tomorrow).  I do have some adhesive and my paper trimmer so I guess I will be a doing a lot of borrowing. 

I am very excited about my first class tomorrow -- Holiday Cards with Flower Soft.  I have seen some of the cards the FS designers have created and all I can say is WOW.  I have some flower soft, but feel that I do not use it well.  So hopefully that will change.

I will try to give you daily updates while I am here.  I do have one personal message to send: MFK!  Guess what this hotel stocks in your room?  In addition to the coffee maker, there is a wine center.  Wine glasses, cork remover, cloth napkin and an ice bucket that could serve as a wine cooler.  I thought of you IMMEDIATELY.  And yes, Toby!  I did take a picture of it for Kathy!  Miss you!