Monday, July 5, 2010

Lindsay Lohan is "obsessed" with a new lesbian lover of Israel
TMZ says that women take on the new Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay's lesbian lover. It is Israel! His name is probably Ansel Eilat and is a former member of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). That sounds really hand core, and full, but the Israeli women are obliged to his country of soldiers, how to serve people. So there are many, many women, the former IDF "- even though they are probably the current members of the Israeli army believes that its taking into account the location, would serve in combat, even if they were to draw the task. In all cases, the sources said Eilat TMZ has taken "some time" in Los Angeles after completing their tasks Eilat IDF, and that things were "very serious, in the last month, Lindsay used to cry Eilat as" a shoulder to "with his SCRAM / crack dramz dependent.
Friends of Lindsay is also very concerned about this new love, because: "This is not a solid relationship in the world. "Apparently, Lindsay is already" Haunted "from Eilat. Poor Eilat. She has no idea how he is. He has many years of crack-crack and tweets and drama Mayhem Lohan came his way, I think. In other news Lindsay Lohan said He recalled a job as a waitress in hand crackface your birthday? Originally, the story that the waitress called - Jasmine Waltz - Lindsay, because women had taken a kind of meat Doug Reinhardt (former Paris Hilton) and Lindsay and Jasmine fought two important Doug or something was. According to Lindsay, "friend" Doug there for all and "do not want him, and went into the cabin. Lohan ran. "And after that, Lindsay went to another club and Jasmine was there," Lohan started crying and because the maid was there, too. Some birthday. "It turns out that it was all bullsh-t, however. Lindsay tried to get a little "more sympathy for the radar, said:" I am well, "only to the next phase of its history this girl Jasmine are radar. Jasmine said, was that their meat is not radar Lindsay Doug Reinhardt, British rugby player, but Danny Cipriani is Jasmine Waltz - who from Ryan Seacrest, pop star Jesse McCartney and his ex Doug Reinhardt Paris Hilton - her silence on the issue in an exclusive interview with "All I have to say is that the incident is not disturbed by train! " Waltz said." I have not touched ... But I want to. "When Lohan marked her birthday on Thursday night in Los Angeles Voyeur, Twitter has complained about the alleged attack. A waitress has just occurred to me - punched for no reason," he writes. Radar Online. com, said Friday: "I'm fine now. "Lohan has the club after the fight left, but then Waltz meets in its next target, Rockstar House.
The root of the apparent tensions between the couple a three-way love triangle story between Lohan, the waltz and British rugby player Danny Cipriani. Cipriani Lohan was left of their party, and also reported a former flame of the waltz. [radar can play], the whole day with the words: "It is wrong train crash intact. What about a crack addict, to better see his ass bone Delusional Train Wreck? Train wreck "or a crack of addicts, who suffers a delusion of martyrdom and the" importance, or that such a "Bitch Please Doug Reinhardt F-cking?" And finally, on the last weekend of birthday Theater / Lindsay Lohan goes to Elinor (who Will Return) violated a traffic accident - runs a stop sign, and that Lindsay was getting late. What does Lindsay do? He jumped out of the car-cking f! Elinor was accused of not only the holding of a stop sign was hidden by panels and tinted glass front quotes - and it was not his car. Addicted to crack, all ..