Monday, July 5, 2010

“I am, like, a f-cking strong elephant of a woman”

Last week we covered the new photo of Katy Perry boobtastic appearance in the August issue of Esquire UK. HuffPo now that extracts from an interview with Katy, and it looks like ... ugh. Maybe I do not like this girl. Except that I really no problem with the ground. She's cute and seems healthy and has a beautiful figure and she is really free of musical talent, but not unpleasant about it or anything. And "banal and unoriginal, but it seems relatively harmless. But this interview made it sound like he believes his own campaign - as if it is not just a boy, but she thinks it is a gift of God is really not.
During the first meeting of his party: "I was 25, 30 meters away. And I threw the bottle directly to him, blow struck on the head. You can imagine the terrible feeling I had when I click on everything you wanted to get used? I was like,
"You have your partner, Motherf * cker met. A week later we went on holiday in Thailand. "In dressage Russell Brand:" It used to be primarily a professional prostitute - now it is not.

This is an extremist who is good and bad. I always need someone stronger than me. And I'm, like, af * cking high elephant of a woman [sic]. I say we can hope in a most humble me.
"As a person of her future husband:" I'm like, 'Oh my God, I will. You are mine. Two divas in a house. want to be and "how the atom split: it should not happen." As a kind of girl next door: "I feel like a girl next door, but not as f * uckin" cheese ". Gurls number one in California alone," I said to myself as perfect an anthem of California would have. I can not fall, the Beach Boys. I can not Tupac below. I had the idea, Snoop - I thought that was the icing on the cake, and made me look cool. "Smoking with Snoop," I was afraid for my life from the water. All others are still smoking.
I said, 'If this shit Snoop still high when you breathe will die. I will be standing on a globe. "I was like," Wait until the water pipe. "" It always comes his way: "I have always been very manual as a child - I have my way. What helped me all my life.
" Bigger than life: "We are both larger than life. I think they are a kind of cartoon. But I do not think it does not, should be taken seriously. "[] By Esquire of HuffPo Yes, we'll see. The story is not over yet, Katy. Russell Brand and while yours is now, knows what a central commitment, so lucky with apparently marriage. Let's see if Katy is still "You've got your game, motherf-cker satisfied" and "I'm like an elephant F-cking strong woman." Let's see ..