Thursday, July 22, 2010

DVD Set Update and Another Vegas Layout

While in Vegas earlier this spring, one of the many things I noted was a Disney-like attention to detail.  Any of you who have visited one of the Disney theme parks will immediately understand what I mean by Disney-like attention to detail.  That is actually a phrase we use at our house to explain near perfection in attention to detail.  My husband and I have actually looked at one another and whispered, "not quite Disney-like" when visiting an attraction.  Well let me assure you (and thank the Vegas designers), Vegas had a Disney-like attention to detail!

In this layout I used photos taken in and around The Venetian.  I LOVED The Venetian.  Very, very nicely done. And our favorite meal of the week was in the mall area of The Venetian. 

I used subtle colors for the basic layout, but picked up on the deeper hued water and brick for accent color.  I lucked upon some matching brads in my stash.

DVD UPDATE: I wanted to offer an update to those of you who have pre-ordered the It's A Kid's Life DVD set.  The pdf files are being written and tweaked and video files have reached the "burning" phase.  I am pushing to get everything to the post office by Saturday as I will be at CHA all next week.  Worst case, they will ship on Monday (by my production staff:  my dh, dd, and MFK - my friend Kathy)!!!  I apologize for missing the Wednesday ship date I had hoped to meet, but I was called into my real job a bit more than anticipated after two weeks of "unwellness".   The good  news is everyone should have their dvds before I get home from Chicago!