Saturday, April 17, 2010

Heidi Montag will have huge problems with her huge implants, doctors say
Us Weekly has assembled a team of the best plastic surgeons in the field to discuss the inclusion of bad fake boobs Heidi Montag on the move. Except not really, they are the only doctors in the folder without going would be to do with Heidi, as they say and not something that someone with the power of sight had not noticed. In essence, the fund is "obvious," said Dr. Heidi have serious health problems for years to come. Oh, and her breasts are falling around the ankles, back, and you also do it "shocking." Here is more: have Heidi Montag - known suffered an astonishing 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day (a breast enlargement at home) - his body found after surgery bikini weekend in Las Vegas.
Although Hills star, 23 - whose breast size "S" or "F" and no longer legally undergo surgery - were all smiles as he showed his new wealth, many surgeons say UsMagazine artists. com is facing many problems after the operation. to 'carry the excessive weight of these plants almost always elevated to extreme breast reduction and significant decrease of chronic back pain, "said New Jersey, Mr. Lyle M. Back. "Often, the entire balance of the spine can be displaced, whereby the tension thought to chronic neck, shoulder pain and a bent posture.

San Francisco plastic surgeon Dr. Joel Beck, that breastfeeding may also have problems." If the breasts are too large, the child can not stop taking milk from a mother, "she said. As we age adds Monday:" The plants of thin film] [woven, and need a breast lift. "Plants may so important that" on the skin and may be suspended, the obligations of [his] pension, "says Dr. Beck. But her second nose correction" could have potential consequences, "warns Dr. Mark Berman, president of the American Academy of cosmetic Surgery. He says that Monday is the capacity to lose breathe through the nose, when the nose "too low." (This is not only harmful to a major operation? his blade behind - which, according to Dr. Berman, refers to a "liposuction around the waist and hips shrink." "Why do you choose just the general malaise of the early fatty acids healing ... you should be able to make any physical activity before it can make," says Berman. [Monday was photographed yoga, but she said they can not run faster because he recorded his new breasts. ]) Face not only the physical consequences - but also psychologically.

"There are a lot of pressure to find a way to Hollywood," admits Dr. Larry Fan, a leading Harvard-trained plastic and cosmetic surgery. "It is not healthy, emotionally want to change much about your appearance all at once. I am very concerned about the psychological health of Heidi and the sense of body image is affected." Breasts [From Us Weekly] As a person with a DD cup, of course, to simply say that the problems are actually worth it. I can not bend without calling me. No - not really. But my back and shoulders hurt sometimes, especially when I'm a long time. But now I know what you get is mysterious, that looks like an interesting procedure. Are there any vital organs in this general area at all? You should strive internal anatomy. A final story, loosely connected to the plastic surgery awful Heidi. After Audrina Patridge has spoken of surgery in the program by George Lopez Heidi, Spencer Pratt tweeted, "not hate Audrina - because Tijuana plastic surgery is not bad news." "Nasty Tijuana Plastic surgery" is perhaps the best description I heard, trap work. I can not believe that Spencer is smart. In fact, it is not - although I think Audrina implants such as Tijuana junk look ugly and Heidi. No disrespect to Tijuana ..