Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blog Awards

I would like to thank Melissa from Disney Dreamer Designs for this BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER Award.  Isn't this a pretty award???  Thank you Melissa! 

As I understand the rules I am supposed to share seven things about myself and pass the blog award along to 15 other bloggers.  WOW - that is a lot of bloggers.

  1. My fiftieth birthday is in two weeks.

  2. One of my favorite flowers is the Camellia - I have two Yuletide Camellias at my front door and it is like having roses in the dead of winter each time I open the front door. This is a Yuletide Camellia:

  3. I collect tea sets.  I would share a photo of my favorite set, but I cannot pick just one.

  4. I try to decorate inside my home for every holiday.  Okay, I skip a few, but I hit all of the biggies.  Last spring my daughter brought a few friends from college for the weekend.  She told me that one of them asked what was up with all of the rabbits in our house - rabbit tea sets (see #3), rabbit plates (see #7), rabbit figurines, rabbits in baskets, etc.  She said she looked at the person and said "Duhh, Easter!"  That's my girl!!!

  5. I love to read.  I devour books. I have two or three books that I liked so much that I have read them over and over because I hate to say goodbye to the characters.

  6. I love Walt Disney World.  I am like a big kid in a candy store when we visit.  I wear the Minnie Mouse hat with ears of course and insist that we do the photo pass photos as frequently as possible.

  7. I am a dish-oholic.  I have to limit myself or I would have more dishes than I have storage space.  Dishes are my naughty little indulgence.
I am supossed to pass this along to 15 beautiful bloggers. 
I realized as I created this list that it could go on and on.... We have so many amazing people sharing their creative and stunning work on line.... WOW.

I also need to thank Linda at Ladybug's Lair.  Linda gave me this lovely award:
Thanks you so much Linda!!!  This was so sweet of you.  In that I have already passed this award on previously, I am not going to select specific blogs.  I would like every reader with a blog to please feel free to post this award on your blog.  (One of my seven items above should have been "I don't always play by the rules").

I will be back tomorrow with my BBTB project and the story of reorganizing the pantry.