Thursday, October 8, 2009

Projects with Cut Files

Have you been by Custom Crops this week? There were several new projects posted last Monday (the day of new article releases at CC), two of which were mine. I had a cute layout using Everyday Paper Dolls and Plantin, as well as a recipe folder and recipe cards using A Child's Year.

The recipe folder and cards are easy, but time consuming to cut and assemble. I made two dozen of the cards and as the folder does not hold nearly that number of cards, I will have recipe cards to go with the gift as well as leftover cards for my personal use.

The layout is just one of those fun layouts that I like to do. Sadly I no longer have little children to scrap onto this layout. I hope it keeps well because I am hopeful for grandchildren some day! I made both the aliens and the space kids in both genders, a boy and girl of each. The great thing about Paper Dolls is you can personalize so many aspects of the characters.

The cut files and complete instructions are available at Custom Crops. Just click on the Custom Crops blinkie to the left and you will see the project names under my bio.