Friday, October 2, 2009

Learning to Use My Gypsy with a New Layout

My Gypsy arrived on Wednesday afternoon and I spent Wednesday evening registering, updating, loading cartridges, and getting to know the Gypsy. I found that like all new Gypsy users I had questions. My two top questions were 1) how do I move files back and forth between Gypsy and Design Studio and 2) how do I add additional pages to a gypsy file. After failing to find the answers I call my friend Diane, Capadia, and her answers were "you can't" and "you can't".

In the course of my conversation with Diane I think we decided that "you can't" should have a word added to the end... YET. I fully expect that we will be able to move the files back and forth in the future. I believe that Provo Craft is working on that issue.

I remember when I first loaded and began using Design Studio... I found it frustrating. I came to realize that like most software, it had a learning curve. I feel like I advanced well with DS. I suspect the same concept applies to Gypsy... There is a learning curve and we will all improve our Gypsy skills.

That being said, I completed my first layout using the Gypsy. I love the leaves on Gypsy Wanderings! I developed ideas for two Fall/Thanksgiving layouts using Gypsy Wanderings elements.
I have a busy weekend ahead, but I am looking forward to sharing more Gypsy ideas next week.