Monday, August 31, 2009

Bitten by the Bug Blog Hoppin' Monday (with CANDY!)

Welcome blog hoppers, to Busy with the Cricky. You probably arrived here from the blog of the fabulous Penny.

Today's BBTB challenge cut is the ribbon from Paper Pups. I combined the idea of a winner's ribbon with our sweet Pomeranian, Duncan, and my dh's approaching birthday. Duncan adores my husband so I know he will want to participate in the birthday festivities.

Duncan's card is bone shaped with the blue ribbon attached. I ran the dog collar through the spellbinder wizard to emboss a pattern. I then attached Duncan's faux tag. I used MS PowerPoint to create the birthday tag featuring the phrase, "Best Dad a dog can own". I also created Duncan's faux name tag in PowerPoint.

Inside the card I used a Stampin' Up birthday cake stamp and Happy Birthday stamp as well as a hand drawn puppy paw.

While you are here be sure to leave a comment to be registered to win today's blog candy. I will be drawing a name on Thursday. Also, be sure to view the previous blog post and guess at the number of times my cut files have been downloaded and a chance to win a small blog candy.

I know you must now move on to see what awaits you at the amazing Carole's blog. Thanks for stopping by today.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Celebration - Milestone Reached

This blog was opened in July 2008 - 13 months ago (sorry I missed my blog-iversary). In the last 13 months many, many copies of my cut files have been downloaded by readers and cricut message board readers. I added up the number of downloads and realized that a milestone has been reached!!!! Or at least a milestone number for me (for Jen or Cap I am willing to bet that this would be a boring number!!).

I have a small, okay -- I mean small :-) -- blog candy for whomever guesses closest to the milestone number of downloads. You will have until Monday to guess at the number of downloads. Be sure to leave me a way to contact you if you do not have a blog.

Good luck......

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two New Christmas Cards

There are so many amazing Christmas card ideas posted onboth the Cricut message board and assorted blogs (especially Christmas with the Cricut) that I have been inspired this week.
First, I scraplifted a card that Joy made at the Christmas with the Cricut using the Joys of the Season cartridge. I changed the sizes a bit, but otherwise this was Joy's design.

My second card was my design. I used a new spellbinders embossing snowflake sheet on white cored blue cardstock. After I embossed the design into the cardstock I used a sanding block to remove the blue layer of paper from the embossed design.

I used Accents Essentials and cut three snowflakes, one at 2 inches and two at 1.5 inches. I attached the snowflakes over top of the embossed layer on my card. I added a Season's Greetings tag made using nesties long and scalloped long rectangles and a Stampin' Up stamp. Finally I finished the card off with a piece of navy ribbon and a little bow.
I set a goal back in January to create six cards Christmas cards per month. So far I am still on target with only four months to go. I should have 72 cards in time to mail for Christmas!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Window Shopping Card

Have you been by the Christmas with the Cricut blog yet? I continue to find daily inspiration there. These three ladies are multi-talented! Last week there was an amazing Santa's village scrap page that I adored. That layout inspired this card: Window Shopping.

I used the Dreams Come True cartridge along with Joys of the Season and Lyrical Letters for this design. The window layers and the dress came from Dreams Come True. Joys of the Season was used for the base card and for the dress stand inside the card. The word Boutique was cut using Lyrical Letters. The message inside the card was stamped using a Stampin' Up word stamp.

I have added the cut file to the cut files on the left; the title is Window Shopping Card.

A couple of quick notes if you should decided to download the and make the card:
  1. You will need to cut the shutters twice, once for the outside of the shutters and once for the middle panels. The shutters have been added to the cut file two times.
  2. You will need to trim the top of the window cut and shadow with scissors to fit on the card.
  3. The word Boutique was cut straight but I curved it when attaching it to the front of the card.
  4. The window opening was cut by hand.
  5. Finally, an acetate sheet was cut to fit in the window.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Owl Always Love You

It is Bitten by the Bug Monday and you know what that means: the challenges have posted and wow are they fabulous. In fact as I scrolled through the projects I kept thinking each one was so unique and so talented. The challenge cut for the week is the Owl from the Wild Card cartridge.

The Owl is actually a card unto himself, but I decided to use him as a front piece on a rectangular card. I chose the Wild Card cut with the cute "ripped" piece that attaches to the front. I also made my own circle tag using a Microsoft application and clip art.

I crafted my card using a new set of Crate paper I purchased at convention. The ink is a Technique Tuesday product, part of a class kit from the Creating Keepsakes Convention.

On a side note, I spent much of last evening trying to reorganize my scrap room. I had not unpacked my XXL rolling tote (which was in overflow mode) since the convention. I had a problem (which I had anticipated) dealing with printed paper storage. My storage method for prints was full and just could not handle any more product. I "macgyvered" a temporary fix and will have to decide on a long term fix in the near future. At least I bought myself a bit of time.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Farah Khan goes from Salman to SRK

Bollywood choreographer-director Farah Khan says it was a conscious decision to start her new television chat show with actor Salman Khan and
Salman Khan
Salman Khan
his mother Salma, who has never given an interview before.

And interestingly, the "Tere Mere Beach Mein" series ends with none other than Shah Rukh Khan.

"It was a joint decision taken by the channel and me. They felt that the episode turned out to be very candid and since Salman has never come on a chat show before, it could be a nice way to hook on the audience to the show. So we start with Salman and end it with Shah Rukh," Farah told IANS.

She said it wasn't difficult at all to convince Salman and his mother to be her first guests on the show that starts Sunday.

"Salman has never come on a chat show - neither 'Koffee With Karan' nor 'Oye! It's Friday' and not even 'Rendezvous with Simi Garewal'. It's for the first time he's come on a chat show. His mother has never in her life come on a TV show or even given a print interview. And I just had to tell them once. It was very easy to convince them to come," said Farah.

The filmmaker managed to get several celebrities on her debut chat show but couldn't get her dream guests - former railway minister Lalu Prasad and singer-actor Himesh Reshammiya.

"I really wanted to get Lalu-ji and Himesh together for my show. But he (Lalu) had a cataract operation and so things couldn't work out. But I really hope these two people come to my show, if I have a second season," said Farah.

To give her chat show a twist, Farah has a separate theme for each episode. She brought Salman to talk about being a 'Mamma's boy' and Shah Rukh Khan as a henpecked husband. She had Priyanka Chopra talk about her struggle as an actor.

Asked what the theme for the Lalu-Himesh episode would have been, she said: "I wanted to get them in a category of 'I don't care people'. And these two people are such that no matter how much people imitate them, ridicule them or mimic them, they just don't care. They only do their work."

Other guests on her show will include Hrithik Roshan, Asin Thottumkal, Deepika Padukone, Abhay Deol, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Kareena Kapoor and cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Irfan Pathan.

What Kangna dreads the most...

Kangna Ranaut may be known for her bindaas ways, both on screen as well as off
Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

And while nothing seems to faze this sassy actress, what with Kangna having pulled off some of the most daring scenes on camera with much ease, there is one thing that gives her nightmares — getting on stage.

Admitting to her stage fright, Kangna says that having to face the audience on stage is what she dreads the most. “Yes, nothing ever makes me nervous except speaking on the stage. I still get jitters when I have to do that, even if it’s just to say a thank you,” confesses the actress.

Heidi Montag is the Bearer of Bad News


I thought it was over. I thought we survived the worst of it. It was hard, and we lost a lot of good men out there... great men... but I thought it meant something. Now, though, we learn it's all going to happen again. Oh God, it's all going to happen again! We're not through, not by a long shot...


Heidi Montag is possibly going to pose for Playboy again.

Why didn't Heidi Pratt bare all in the September issue of Playboy?

"Always leave them asking for more," she said on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show Tuesday. "Next time, I'll have more to reveal."

Asked if she has a two- or three-part Playboy deal, she coyly replied, "Maybe."

Though many of the photos were racy, she said she didn't feel she compromised her Christianity.

"For me personally, I feel like God created the body, and the body is beautiful," she said. "The way God created us was naked. So I am not ashamed of it. I'm proud of it... This was such a blessed experience."


Heidi went on to say her moral center isn't violated when she gets banged from behind by a line of dudes as Spencer watches, since that's called Doggy Style and God created the doggy. And when she snorts lines of cocaine off the mirror, she knows the drug comes from nature and it's just a way of praising Jesus. Heidi then ended the interview short saying she had to go get another abortion so she could send more friends to God in Heaven. Hallelujah!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mystery Box Challenge

Several weeks ago I received a mystery box from Custom Crops. The box contained an odd list of supplies and an assignment to create a project using all seven items. The items were:

1. A piece of natural twill fabric measuring 20 inches x 23 inches;

5. A 12 oz. Can of Code Red Mountain Dew;

6. A $3.00 Black Glittery Faux-Leather Belt from a Local General Store; and

What I made was a Heartbreaker project. The project not only utilized all of the seven required elements, I found out that you can cut a soda can with a fiskar's edge punch! The project was a lot of fun and I created a bit of a story about the vintage woman in my project.

The following link will take you to my project at Custom Crops. Please do leave comments while you are there. Also, check out my other two new projects - Fawn the Fairy card and a fun baby girl layout.

Heidi Montag Playboy photos


Well, we've built it up enough here on Celebrity Milkshake, might as well take this baby on home. Here are the airbrushed, bleached-blonde, nude-but-not, lifeless Heidi Montag Playboy photos. I want you to understand I wouldn't do this for anyone, just for you. Going through these photos was worse than the dental surgery I had this morning, I kid you not.


In fact, my doctor actually had a copy of this Playboy sitting on the counter. I said, "Hey Doc, why's this here?" To which he replied, "I'm a dentist, I'm a glutton for pain. Now, you read it as I warm up the drill. Until then, you need some Novocaine from this giant needle?" "Nah," I said, flipping through the pages, "I've pretty much gone numb from this torture. Thanks though."

Hollywood Gossip,Hollywood News,Hollywood Celebrity,Hot Celebrity Gossip, Hollywood Business, Hollywood Actress, Celebrities Stars
Hollywood Gossip,Hollywood News,Hollywood Celebrity,Hot Celebrity Gossip, Hollywood Business, Hollywood Actress, Celebrities Stars


Hollywood Gossip,Hollywood News,Hollywood Celebrity,Hot Celebrity Gossip, Hollywood Business, Hollywood Actress, Celebrities Stars

Hollywood Gossip,Hollywood News,Hollywood Celebrity,Hot Celebrity Gossip, Hollywood Business, Hollywood Actress, Celebrities Stars

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blog Awards.... Soooo Overdue

Some number of weeks ago ( I am embarrassed to say exactly how many weeks) Melinda Ford honored me with a blog award. I was right in the midst of a busy, busy week and assured Melinda that I was appreciative and would post the award. I promptly back burned the issue.

Melinda is a doll. Seriously. Not only did she not get upset with me, she gave me a second award! I love this cyber-friend.

Okay the awards:

This must be passed on to five blogs that I find inspiring. How tough to limit to ONLY five.
  1. Joy - this woman is a fabulous crafter.

  2. Joy and two friends have begun a new Christmas blog that I adore.

  3. Jill - what a honey!

  4. Donna - I have to remember to close my mouth each time I visit her blog.

  5. Linda - who makes the most amazing designs!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Britney Spears blesses us with several more bikini photo ops


Britney Spears got such rave reviews with her first round of bikini shots that she’s conveniently decided to bare a her body again just a few days later. Brit notoriously gained a good deal of weight during her breakdown, but she’s worked incredibly hard to shed the pounds. In fact she looks a-mazing, so it’s no surprise she wants the paparazzi to see, especially given how eagerly they snapped all those bad photos of her. And Brit’s not the only one who’s changed her look – sons Jayden and Sean lost several inches of hair this weekend!


Britney Spears’ adorable sons Sean Preston and Jayden James managed to steal the spotlight from their famous mother with their new haircuts yesterday. Spending a family day by the pool in Los Angeles, the boys looked unrecognisable after their bowl cuts were shaved off to reveal a buzz cut. With Sean, three, and Jayden, two, fast approaching their birthdays next month, it looks like their parents Britney and Kevin Federline may have decided it was time to update their look.


The lookalike siblings, who are exactly a year apart in age, looked even blonder than usual without their formerly heavy fringes covering their delicate features. Fortunately it was only the boys getting their heads shaved this time, after their mother previously shorn off her blonde locks during her high-profile meltdown in February 2007. Despite not having reached nursery age, it appears the young boys are growing up to be quite the cool pair as they wore sunglasses and baseball caps to protect themselves from the sun.

Older brother Sean was wearing a pair of orange swimming trunks, while his younger sibling looked more colourful in a pair of navy, orange and green trunks. They also wore silver chains with pendants of their initials on, to help people tell them apart. Clearly revelling in spending time with her beloved boys, Britney spent the day playing in the pool with Sean and Jayden.


The 27-year-old singer looked determined on catching maximum sun as she showed off her curvy figure in a green bikini. Still learning to swim, both boys were wearing arm bands to keep them afloat at the pool at the five star Ritz Carlton Hotel in the LA seaside suburb of Marina Del Rey. Clearly taking after their mother, both boys have grown up comfortable in the spotlight… It was the second day in a row Britney spent relaxing at the Ritz Carlton. On Saturday, she and a female friend spent the afternoon drinking cocktails at the resort and chilling out in the jacuzzi. Her choice of swimwear was a lot more eye-catching too - she wore a hot pink bikini to complement her light golden tan.


[From the Daily Mail]

You’ve got to give Britney credit for how great she looks. The boys look cute too, though I did sort of adore their little bowl cuts. The close-cropped hair and quasi-bling reminds me of their dad a bit. K-Fed’s sort of this gentler, wider version of his former self, which is endearing in a way. But old K-Fed was super annoying with his ridiculous outfits and man-bling. There was something so charming about Sean and Jayden’s bowl cuts. They’re cute either way, especially with their water wings and pool toys. It looks like Britney genuinely enjoys spending time with them, and is at a great point in her life.


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