Friday, July 17, 2009

Lindsay Lohan hounding Ryan Seacrest about working with her


You know what is the best way to resurrect your flailing career? Legend has it, you want to find one of the most powerful people in your industry, then go out of your way to annoy the crap out of them. This seems to be the sage advice Lindsay Lohan is following, since she’s taken what could have been a good thing with Ryan Seacrest (he’s also a big time producer, not just the host of ‘American Idol’) and ruined it by pestering the living daylights out of him. Lohan even went so far as to call him up and ask him to take a break from his radio program so that they could chat. Lindsay Lohan may not have a career or anyone’s respect, but she is still the center of the world damn it!

Seacrest… out? Insiders whisper Ryan’s now admitting he’s had second thoughts about launching a reality show with ditzy diva Lindsay Lohan! After two face-to-face meetings, Mean Grrrl started bombarding the busy host with needy phone calls, and here’s the shocker - she actually begged him to take a break from his LA morning radio show for a heart-to-heart chat! Said a source: “Ryan’s the busiest man in show business, and he should have known better than to enter Lindsay’s world. He’s now saying that compared to Lindsay, working with high-maintenance Kim Kardashian is a low-Maintenance job!”

Now for the REAL shocker: Pals snicker that despite her current taste for all things Sapphic, La Lohan’s developing a “thing” for Seacrest. Reportedly, he has “zero interest.” (REALLY??)


[From the National Enquirer, Mike Walker's column, July 27, 2009, print ed.]

My God I hope Seacrest cuts her off. The last thing Lindsay Lohan needs is someone indulging her. Seriously, she knows her career is beyond in the toilet. It’s gone out to sea. She’s not in a position to make demands on anyone. The only thing Lohan should be doing is freaking begging. She should be calling Ryan Seacrest up and asking him if she can bring him a beverage. Anything it takes to ingratiate herself and be as pleasing as possible to Seacrest.

I can’t stand that spiky haired pocket person, but he has major clout in Hollywood. He’s a workaholic, and exactly the type of person Lohan should be around. I’m surprised Seacrest would even consider dealing with another Lohan after producing Dina Lohan’s reality show. But that must not have been the terrible experience I assumed it was since he’s toying with the idea of adding Lindsay to the roster.

Lohan – get yourself a mop and a broom, stat. And start cleaning Seacrest’s house. Then move on to the garden. Show him you’ll actually work – and do whatever it takes – and you might deserve another chance. And keep your pants on.


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