Friday, July 17, 2009

LiLo admires her character in Labor Pains because ‘it’s easy for her to lie’


[From ABC Family ]

Well at least it’s a unique film and not a cheesy, trite cliché. ABC also has some clips with Lohan, which reveal her favorite thing about her character is that she’s a liar.

“I love Thea’s Character because she’s very clever. It’s very easy for her to lie and get away with things, which is interesting to watch. I love how also she’s very caring.”


[From ABC Family ]

It’s great that that’s the first attribute Lohan starts with. “I love this person because they’re a fantastic liar.” I mean if that’s not someone’s strongest attribute, I don’t even want to talk to them. Don’t waste my time with the “truth.” Lohan’s a pretty bad liar herself, constantly caught in contradictions and all out B.S. So it’s no surprise she’d be envious of someone capable of effectively manipulating others. That might explain some of Lohan’s awkward acting.

People were hoping this movie would get Lohan back on the right track, career-wise. I don’t think anyone thought she’d win any awards for it, but maybe prove she was still a decent actress. Unfortunately the whole thing is a stinker – I mean it’s airing on a network known for fine programming like “My Fake Fiance” with Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. What an auspicious group Lohan’s joined.


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