Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jessica Simpson had to throw off some golf games


These are shots of Jessica Simpson singing the National Anthem and signing autographs at the AT&T National yesterday which Tony Romo participated in.


I have absolutely zero patience for golf, so hats off to Tony for being able to concentrate on his game while Jessica's chest essentially blocked out the sun. A lesser man would've tried to stick it in her back nine. Ha! Get it? Golf humor! Trust me, that would've killed if you're over 60. Or a doctor.


[From Radar Online]

Jessica was wearing a black and red striped dress that didn’t flatter her, and looks maybe-pregnant from some angles. She is not a big woman by any means but she often picks out clothing that isn’t suited for her. It’s probably just the dress. She looks gorgeous and this is not a commentary on her weight at all.

Kaiser pointed me to this kind of sweet interview with Tony Romo that was published yesterday in People. Romo was accompanying a 10 year-old boy with leukemia to betting practice at Yankee stadium. He said that things with Jessica were going well and that they have a low-key life together:

“It’s a normal relationship,” Romo, smiling and relaxed, told PEOPLE during batting practice at Yankee Stadium as Starter athletic gear chaperone to Ben Brant, a 10-year-old Albany, N.Y., boy diagnosed with leukemia.

“There’s nothing exotic or crazy about it,” Romo, 29, says of Simpson. “We’re two people who care about each other, and it’s not hard to make it work when both of you want to see the other one. We make each other happy.”

As for how their relationship is faring, “It’s going good,” he says. “We have a fun being around each other. She’s a great girl. We enjoy each other’s company.”


[From People]

Tony has stuck by Jessica for a while, and he seems like a standup kind of guy who really cares for her. I kind of hope they get engaged and married if that’s what they want. It seems like Jessica would be thrilled with a proposal and I would bet she’s been waiting for one for some time.


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