Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lyrical Letters Demo Card

Tonight I learned to use my Cricut Expression again - on manual! Oh My GOODNESS... I couldn't believe that I did not have a clue how to work without Design Studio. Thankfully PC still includes those nifty little booklets with the cartridges, and THANKFULLY those nifty little booklets have practice projects in the front.

Lucky, lucky me - the project in the front of the Lyrical Letters booklet is a bridal shower card. Guess who is going to a bridal shower on Sunday????? Yep - me! This card was perfect. First, it allowed me to use Lyrical Letters and second, it taught me to use my expression again, and finally, I now have a card for Sunday! (Though I am suddenly wondering if I was supposed to RSVP.... Note to self: call Peggy).

My only changes to the demo project card was to add the organza ribbon and bow and to add my doodling dots. Otherwise the card came from the book! Oh... and I did change the colors slightly (admit it, you KNEW that I did).

Like everyone else with one of the new cartridge I am ready for the DS update to be released. I had forgotten how you had to guess at where the cut would be on the mat BDS (before design studio). I was playing with Jubilee last night - making a village and I think I wasted a couple of sheets of paper... but that is another story for another night....