Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Doggie Update

Our new family member, our little sweet Pomeranian boy, has been with us for a little over week now and all I can say is - we completely love him! We have renamed him Duncan, which he is beginning to respond to, probably because we say it with such affection. Well that and three of us call him Duncan constantly... Duncan is a character in a movie our family likes and watches over and over. Duncan is kind-hearted loyal friend. We thought the the name fit our little guy well.

Duncan has a funny sense of humor and loves to play - almost as much as he loves to snuggle. And what a snuggler he is!!! Sadly, he has exhibited some behaviors that suggest his first owner may have been unkind to him. But we are convinced with love, patience, kindness, spoiling, and devotion he will overcome any unpleasant memories. We are just thankful that Ms. Mary rescued him and allowed us to adopt.

We feel very blessed to have Duncan as part of our family... And we hope he feels the same about us.